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re on Beijing using a form of economic bullyin▓g that will likely ▓expose the global econ▓omy to greater risk.I▓n the 1980s and ▓1990s, Washington a▓lso designated a

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  • ed▓. Our cooperation has▓ effectively advanced l
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  • people's lives. It is▓ warmly welcomed by developing countries."Hua a▓gain stressed that the world k
  • nows clearly who is breaking international rules and who is uph▓olding them, citing a Chine
se saying that go▓es "Stand upright and your s▓hadow will not
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-2019 09:28 BJTThe recent move by

d relax ca▓pital controls, and at the same time app▓reciate their currencies agai▓nst the U.S. dollar. Germany, Italy,▓ Japan, and Singapore among ot▓hers have also b▓een put on the currency manipulation watch list by Washing▓ton, despite be▓ing


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allies of the▓ United States.China was accused of currency

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ma▓nipulation by the United States as early as 2005, when lawmakers proposed the Chines▓e Currency Act and threatened to impose tar▓iffs on China in orde

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▓r to push for a big appreciation of its currency, the renmin▓bi (RMB). But sinc


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rmed its exc

hange rate regime in 1▓994, the marketi▓zation of its currenc▓y has increased significa

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